Using our flexible and well-equipped test facilities, all components of your new system will be thoroughly tested to verify and validate new designs and to measure existing design characteristics such as:

  • Efficiency
  • Flow loss
  • Burst and proof pressure
  • Durability
  • Noise
  • Pressure transients
  • Environmental

Before the installation, we will also ensure that your system has been thoroughly flushed and the filtration process has been checked and tested.

Installation will take place as decided in the design phase – many systems can be sent to you for installation by your own technicians. Other, more complex systems will be delivered and installed by our own experienced engineers.

A new Hydraulic system can appear to be expensive initially – this is because a power pack is part of the machine. If the machine life is longer than two years, this higher initial cost will be offset by lower operating cost due to the much-improved efficiency of hydraulics.


Hydraulic systems should be monitored, serviced and maintained regularly. Doing this will help reduce unwanted failure and downtime, also it could help improve performance and the working life of the machine.

We can help with this!

Typical hydraulic testing we can carry out:

  • Hydraulic pump testing
  • Accumulator testing
  • Valve testing
  • Cylinder testing
  • HPU/Power pack testing
  • Hydraulic motor testing
  • Oil analysis
  • + much, much more


Your investment will soon be recovered through savings from improved machine performance, increased component life, increased fluid life, reduced downtime and fewer repairs and will pay you back with increased production.

If you own or operate hydraulic equipment, and you are serious about keeping your running costs down we can help.

Please contact us to arrange a quote for your maintenance contract.