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Pump Testing – A pump that is losing 20-30% of its flow indicates a possible suction problem. Blocked suction filters and pump cavitation problems can be identified. This test is also used to evaluate the performance of circuit elements, such as control valve, cylinder and hydraulic motor.

Valve Testing – Where decrease in flow is apparent it usually indicates a valve leakage, which can cause considerable loss of performance. This could be due to a cracked seating, a broken or worn spool along with other problems, or it can sometimes pinpoint faulty or leaking seals on a cylinder. Relief valve pressure and control valve leakage will become apparent during these tests, and indicate that the valve or certain valve segments may need replacing.

Cylinder Testing – If the cylinder is slow in operation or cylinder ‘creeps’ under load, then this test will identify if the problem lies with the cylinder seals or control valve function.

Motor Testing – Motors will be tested for performance and leakage. If the flow is correct and the speed is slow, this indicates a defective motor or cylinder.

This is by no means a full list of fault-finding tests carried out, and indeed fault-finding in hydraulic systems can sometime overlap into other components of the overall system, and we may well identify problems with driving media or even an electrical fault within the system.

Some of our fault-finding projects have included wind driven pumps on a wind-turbine, and a pump powered by a water wheel.

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