The cylinder is the most important element in any hydraulic system. Therefore it is imperative you monitor the performance of your cylinders for any signs of wear.

Our cylinder testing facilities are both on-site and in-house. Norcam Hydraulics has state-of-the-art technology and machinery for all aspects of cylinder testing.

Cylinders are usually removed for repair in case of either external or internal leakage.

We carefully inspect and test all parts of the cylinder after disassembly, in order to reveal problems that may not be obvious, and to ensure that it works perfectly first time.

Norcam Hydraulics has most equipment and materials in-house, so we can get your job done quicker. We carry a comprehensive range of chromed bar, chromed stainless steel bar, honed tube and pneumatic tube.

Our cylinder repair equipment can cope with all aspects of cylinder repairs, large or small, cylinder tube honing.

Please contact us to discuss your cylinder repairs.