Our workshop is fully equipped and we carry a comprehensive stock of spares. We understand the importance of having your equipment repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible.


It is always better for us to work on any pneumatic unit in our workshop for both practical and economical reasons. However, at times this is not practical or financially viable, therefore repairs will be carried out on site.

We have a mobile unit so our experienced engineers are able to carry out any pneumatic repairs on-site.


Valves are essential elements for controlling pneumatic system performance.

Most pneumatic systems will contain valves. Valves may control pressure, flow to an actuator, or quantity of flow permitted past a given point. The performance of a valve can impact greatly upon the entire system. The failure of a single valve can bring the entire pneumatic system to a halt.

At Norcam, we have the facilities and expertise to quickly and efficiently carry out the design, manufacture, repair or re-machine of most valves.


Pneumatic cylinders and air cylinders are very versatile and can be used in a number of different ways. They are often used in situations where any kind of system failure is not acceptable.

Basic Pneumatic Cylinders – used to provide straight-line, in/out linear movement for a variety of applications. Basic pneumatic cylinders can be single-acting cylinders (SAC) or double-acting cylinders (DAC)

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinders – rodless pneumatic cylinders have no piston rod extending outside the cylinder body. A coupling connects the internal piston to an external carriage. These are usually used in confined spaces, or for long stroke applications.

Guided Pneumatic Cylinders – guide rods mounted parallel to the piston rod provide stable, non-rotating, high side load performance. These reduce rod bending, piston bending and uneven seal wear.

Rotary Pneumatic Cylinders – where actuators are used to impart a rotary motion. Two of the most common types of rotary actuators are Rack and Pinion and Vane.

The response time in cylinder repairs is usually very important, and Norcam’s facilities and expertise allow us to offer fast and efficient cylinder repair and replacement.


Norcam have experienced and well-qualified engineers to work within the pneumatic area. Norcam engineers are accustomed to working with complex systems, and their ability to find solutions and restore productivity is especially useful.

Our technicians are experienced in working on sophisticated pneumatic equipment for a variety of applications including air, water, steam, oil, jetting, chemicals, foodstuff, welding and fuels. We have all necessary testing equipment to hand.