Valves are essential elements for controlling hydraulic system performance. Nearly every hydraulic system requires some type of valve. Valves may control pressure, flow to an actuator, or quantity of flow permitted past a given point. Trades in the valve industry today include miniaturization of traditional designs and space-saving stackable valves. Compatibility with electronic controls means enhanced valve performance.


Innovations include turning to plastics to cut weight while improving lubrication and corrosion resistance.


We can repair and re-machine most valves and have the ability to design and make any valve required. Please contact us to discuss any valve requirements.



Motors and pumps can be very expensive components to replace within any hydraulic system. This could be because they are bespoke or because they are difficult to remove.


At Norcam Hydraulics, our experience has shown that very often repairs can be done at a fraction of the cost of replacement, which reduces your down time and also the budget needed for repairs.


Replacement units can take a number of weeks, but repairs are usually done within days. Our specialist hydraulic motor and pump repair process will get your repairs done as efficiently and cost effectively.


We dismantle and assess any damage, and advise you on the best options; repairing damaged parts, and possibly replacing worn components if needed.


After the repair procedure has been agreed, we will carry out your repairs returning your motor or pump to original specification where possible.


If your motor or pump is beyond repair, or the repairs are very costly, we will quote on a replacement unit.